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Argentina, political and ideological persecution with democracy disguise.

Argentina, political and ideological persecution with democracy disguise.
Domingo 23 de Octubre de 2022

If I didn‘t wrote in english on this blog until today the most prominent reason is the idea that a country which is scratching a 50% poverty rate has enough issues to unleash a lot of trolls, numbered accounts and even those endearing political and ideological "friends" from china won‘t go THAT far making efforts to hack your site. After all, I‘m not spreading fear and hate towards my country but just write a bit about what I think and can do.

This terrible situation in Argentina is the inexorably the final stage of a a long term decease called Juan Peron. Our inflationary rate is already sky high. Right now we have three digits. That changes the way my usual chores work.
At the moment I‘m trying to keep this site up, get (somehow) a way to put enough money on the table when prices on everything that you can buy is growing by at least between 1 or 2% weekly.

Among all my personal and home problems I sincerely won‘t feel like a fuel thirsty bulldozer able to do a lot of stuff here and there.

But the cherry on top of the dessert is this worrying image:

As you may notice Argentina is on top. But that is not the issue. My server statics shows a worrying amount of people from my country making excessive use of bandwidth together with china.
This usually means that you have people making an effort to find weak spots. In order to do that they are using bandwidth insidiously. That is reflected on the number of pages/hits from the above mentioned.

Apparently, they found out that I‘m not a socialist and that is reflected on my words. Wow! I thought anyone could spot that detail relatively easily. Seems to be that I was wrong on that one. It took a few months and my come and goes from social media platforms for this to get virulent. Should I feel observed too?

I will only say that this country has fell into an incoherent behavior when it comes to economy and our international relations and trust.
This is just a small story of almost twenty years of thievery, institutional decay, education chaos and a completely overloaded and decadent public health system.

I will leave the negative part of this, because I‘m starting to feel that Argentina is causing me a huge damage and its toxicity is already comparable to replacing sugar with agent orange in every morning coffee.

For this reasons and a lot more, I will only write in English on this blog from now on. Happens to be that I feel that talking Castilian is not helping me either. After all, why should I do that?? Most of the people who reads this small site is from the US, Germany, UK and a list of countries that includes from few to none Spanish speaking countries.

As I told: I don‘t want to turn myself into a negative creep or someone who sees a bitter side on everything and that id why I will put my efforts on reasonable non politically polarized people. I speak several languages and I see any reason but a respect that I already lost (even if I want to lie to myself) for the people around me. And no. This is not a matter of political intolerance or hate from my behalf. Far from it. I have been taking insults such as: "Fascist" "Nazi" and even "traitor" I can‘t take that anymore. I‘m a law abiding citizen. I paid for my university, I pay my taxes even when they have become an unbearable burden, I have been working hard since I can recall so I won‘t take that anymore from laboratory left wing idiots who apparently believe that using nazi style hate propaganda from the mid twentieth century against political opositors (and all citizens as well)

So there you go. Right now this country is on vital support and the lefty government is counting on whatever you can earn to get at least 40% in taxes from 500 bucks. Oh yes. And you have to live with remains after paying services, taxes (yes even more), and so on. And all that punishment is being used to pay HUGE monthly social assistance that is costing us a terrible indebtedness and a possibly irremediable social rupture.

I want to start fresh and try to respect the fact that I have a different mind set and ideas about how you live with honesty and decency.

Again, I will write In english from now on you will see the pertinent date and time fix to use the english format. This change will be permanent and I feel in peace with it. I did my best to keep that energy up and be creative but it won‘t cut it.

If I have to be forced to be either a black sheep or the citizen with the "evil capitalist" ideas that people hates I honestly give a f****

I will put more energy into my projects even when they seem unfeasible. But I don‘t plan to lower my arms when I still have many pending in various subjects that I want to finish and they have been cut short by this madness.

Greetings, best wishes and thanks to those who have visited this site even having to translate it. You are a great motivation.

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